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Things to do

Book Festival

Book Festival

Come and enjoy browsing the books and book some author events in the beautiful surroundings of the Harmony Gardens Melrose. 

Dates :- 13th - 16th June.

Paths less tread

Paths less tread

discover some of the less known walks and areas to explore around the village, and in the wider area. Calling on the local,knowledge you can discover quieter walks and places of interest. 

Tours and Excursions

i can offer to arrange trips to some of the historic sites in the Borders; Flodden battle site, the Peel towers that are scattered around the Borders, or a trip to Holy Island and the Abbey and a wee tipple at the mead shop! There's Castles and Country houses a plenty, or some of the lovely beaches on the Berwickshire and Northumberland coast.

A trip up to shop in Edinburgh, or down to the metro centre at Newcastle. These are just some of the ideas of what is possible to do in the Scottish Borders 

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